Today on The MDK Radio Show!!

The MDK Radio Show, KTST FM Anaheim Gives thanks to musicians like Michael!

Wholesome, Blessed & Thankful for the gift that God instills within his heart.
Please join us this Saturday
November 11th 2:00pm – 4:00pm or TuneinApp KTST FM Anaheim
The Funnest Radio Show In Anaheim
YOU! Never Know WHO will Drop By!!
More Surprises coming your way as we collect, gather, and get ready for new ideas, new solutions, and new shows. Our goal is to allow our guests to share their passion to inspire others. We thank you for listening and hope that you enjoy the guests and content in which we deliver and hope that we are inspiring YOU!!

Share your business ideas with The MDK Radio Show with commercials reaching an international audience.
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Hek82 features local artists!

Live on Fridays, Hek82 strives to bring you a fantastic radio program for your wireless cell! Rock and Metal, interviews with well-known musicians and your all-time favorite locals. LA and OC bands and artists like Kali Kazoo who began as a solo performer and is now recording a CD, so check out her Kickstarter campaign because she is too funny and a good rocker. See you then! Friday’s at 2pm PT for one hour.

Today on The MDK Radio Show!!

The Super Hero Show November 4th, “It’s A New Date”
We have moved to the 1st Saturday of each month.
Join us 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ot Tunein Radio KTST FM
New Friends! New Ideas! New Solutions! 
Reaching out across America to eradicate school bullying
Save America’s Children is committed to making a difference.
Listen in to scenarios and stories that others have overcome. Give PEACE! A Chance “Let It Go!! With our new Hotline. Special personnel awaiting your call, “Let It Go!!” speak with someone that allows you to keep conversations anonymous, creating a path to school personnel and professionals to intervene on issues to help stop the violence and help keep our children happy, safe and alive. The children are the heroes we need to allow them to learn, live and teach others to,
“Seek The Good That Lies Within.”

Jexzi chooses a new Co Host – Welcome Zach to the show
Zach is well educated on bullying as he still continues to,
“Let It Go!” We are all excited for the direction of our cause, continuing to uplift each child, young adult, parents, teachers, whoever you are, who feels angry, confused, sad or trapped to listen in and join us to help eradicate these issues. “Let It Go!!”
We can only do better with your help, find out how you can volunteer or become an Ambassador to “Save America’s Children” “The Movement of Love & The Movement of Good”
“The Funnest Radio Show In Anaheim” YOU! Never Know WHO? Will Drop By

Food sponsored by – Atomic Dawgs Eric Lamonte
Cooks up some of the most delicious grub for the
“Super Hero Show”

From the community to the world, AV Entertainment
joins to help produce the show and showcase the efforts of our cause, thank you for your commitment.

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